• Benih : Journal of Midwifery

    Journal Name Benih : Journal of Midwifery
    Published 2 Issue / Tahun ( May, November)
    DOI  10.54209/benih
    E-ISSN 2829-4513
    Publisher Cattleya Darmaya Fortuna
    Analisis Citasi Google Scholar, Copernicus, Garuda
    Language English


    The scope of this journal includes, but is not limited to the research results of: Maternal Health, Pregnancy, Labor, Post Partum, Child Health Family Planning, Reproduction Health, Adolenscent Health,Pre-Conception Period, Pre Menopause - Elderly Health Pathology, Emengency nursing, Maternity nursing, Mental health, Nursing, Nursing soul, Medical sugery nursing community nursing Holistic Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing Public health, Child health, Midwifery.

  • Edumaniora : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Humaniora

    This journal is related to education, research, and entrepreneurship to participate in disseminating new ideas, concepts, theories, or scientific developments in the fields of Language, Culture, Design, Psychology, and Communication through this scientific journal. Learning development ,Literation, Thinking process, Elementary school curriculum, Language education, Social science education, Educational management, Learning Effectiveness studies, Analysis of Learning Influences, Application of Learning Models, development of instructional media

  • Journal Boas : Business, Economics, Accounting And Management

    Journal Boas : Business, Economics, Accounting And Management is accepts related writings: Economics: Public Economics, International Economics, Banking and Financial InstitutionDevelopment Economics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics. Business and banking management: Finance and wealth management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Banking Ethics, Banking Operation and Management. Accounting: Public Sector Accounting, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, and Information Systems. Management : multidiscipline research in management.

  • Hikmat : Jurnal Agama Kristen

    The scope of the research study is: Systematic-Constructive Theology Biblical-Contextual Theology Digital Ministry and the Internet of Things Theology and Religiosity Ministry and Community Empowerment Church Christian Education Church, Mission, and Society.

  • Jurnal Teknologi dan Ilmu Pertanian

    Journal Name Jurnal Teknologi Dan Ilmu Pertanian
    Published 2 Issue / Tahun ( January, July)
    DOI   10.54209/Tip      
    Publisher Cattleya Darmaya Fortuna
    Analisis Citasi Google Scholar, Garuda
    Language English


    Jurnal Pertanian aims to encourage the development of science and technology in agriculture based on research results including: agribusiness, animal husbandry, fisheries, agro-industry, post-harvest industry, genetic engineering, environment, and food science, bioprocess engineering, food technology, food microbiology, food biotechnology, food chemistry, food nutrition, food processing, food waste management, industrial and system engineering, food and post-harvest engineering.

  • Patua : Journal of Business Administration and Management

    PATUA : Journal of Business Administration and Management. The following are suggested areas of interest: Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human resources, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Management information system, Marketing, Operation Management, Strategic Management, Taxation, Startup business, Innovation and creativity, Other topics in the field of business administration, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Public Policy, Management Accounting, Management Education, Management of Sharia, Tourism Management, Green Management, Entrepreneurship.

  • Sinonim : Journal of Language and Literature

    Embracing the field of linguistics and literature broadly defined, the editors warmly welcome articles, research reports, and conceptual paper addressing linguistics and literature, including: Critical Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Anthropological Linguistics, Literary Theory, Literary History, Literary Criticism.

  • Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

    Jurnal Pejuang accepts manuscripts or article manuscripts in the field of applied research and downstreaming the results of community-based quantitative and qualitative scientific research into a community service format that covers relevant scientific fields including: Social, Education, Science, Sports, Language, Business and Economics, Engineering and Vocational, Arts.

  • Journal of Electrical Engineering

    Articles published in cover key areas in electrical engineering such as :

    • Electrical power and energy: Transmission and distribution, high voltage, electrical energy conversion, power electronics and drive.
    • Telecomunication and Signal Processing: Antenna and wave propagation, network and systems, Modulation and signal processing, Radar and sonar, Radar imaging; Radio, multimedia content, Routing protocols, Wireless communications, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Voice Processing.
    • Control automation and Robotic: Robotics, Automation, Pattern Recognition, Biosignal Engineering, Control Theory, Applied Control,  System Design, Optimization, Process Control, Sensor, Machine Learning.
  • Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan

    The aims of this journal are to provide a venue for academicians, researchers, and practitioners for publishing the original research articles or review articles. The scope of the articles published in this journal deal with a broad range of topics, including: Curriculum Development, Educational Policy, Language Education, Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, Art Education, Teacher Education, Educational Technology, Educational Developments, Educational Psychology, International Education, Social Education.